Cyberpunk 2077 oficjalny przewodnik CE

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast, open-ended game that offers freedom on a multitude of levels – from character development, to story, to gameplay, and beyond. That freedom is at the very heart of this book, which we designed with one priority in mind: facilitating informed decisions and enabling you, the player, to get the most out of your time in Night City. Compiled and crafted in association with the development team at CD PROJEKT RED, this guide is your indispensable companion to surviving and thriving in the world of the dark future. It features:

  • World and Lore: A guide to Night City’s history and districts, with explanations of era-specific technologies, terminology and concepts
  • Visual Solutions: Annotated maps and 4K screenshots
  • Maximum Flexibility: Master all the tools at your disposal to define your personal path – stealth tactics, boss weaknesses, quickhacks, character progression, and so much more
  • Exclusive Information: Direct from the CD PROJEKT RED dev team Spoiler-Controlled: Carefully designed to avoid unnecessary revelations

Guide will help you with:

  • QUESTLINE: Main jobs, side jobs, gigs, cyberpsychos, hustles – it‘s all here
  • NON-PRESCRIPTIVE WALKTHROUGHS: We highlight rewarding routes and possibilities with annotated maps and screenshots – you decide how to proceed
  • DEDICATED ATLASA collection of hi-res expanded maps covering the entire game area and pinpointing Night City’s many points of interest
  • ADVANCE NOTICEWe lay out all crucial choices, branching paths, romances, missables, alternative endings – without spoiling the consequences
  • COMPLETION ROADMAP: Comprehensive flowcharts reveal the exact availability conditions and unlock order of all missions
  • INTERACTIVE MAP: Includes a unique code giving access to the Premium interactive map


  • Premium hardcover
  • Printed on superior quality art paper
  • 32-page visual tour of Night City’s unrestrained hospitality and leisure industries

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Kategoria: Cyberpunk 2077
Gwarancja: 2 lata
Gatunki: Oficjalny przewodnik
Materiał: Papier
Numer stron: 496
Język: English

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